Nembrotha chamberlaini

Gosliner & Behrens, 1997

Nembrotha chamberlaini
Photographed by: Erwin Kodiat

Species:Nembrotha chamberlaini

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #11437
This is a marvellous photo showing an individual feeding with its pale blue oral tube everted inside a transparent sea squirt.

Comment from Nathalie Yonow on photo #208
I am trying to see if there are concrete differences. this one has a red patch at the bases of gills and rhinophores, so should be Nembrotha chamberlaini.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #4685
Nembrotha chamberlaini. According to Pola et al. (2008: 171) the only external difference between Nembrotha chamberlaini and Nembrotha purpureplineata is that Nembrotha chamberlaini has the same uniform red colour on the rhinophores and gills, so this individual has to be Nembrotha chamberlaini. However, given the extent of intraspecific variation in other external colours in Nembrotha purpureolineata, I do find this separation hard to substantiate.

Comment from Marta Pola on photo #4352
This dorid nudibranch is characterised externally by the uniformly red rhinophores and gills.

Comment from Marta Pola on photo #4358
Nembrotha sp. either Nembrotha purpureolineata or Nembrotha chamberlaini (I am not sure I can always separate these species from photos). An excellent photo of an individual with its pharyngeal bulb everted feeding on an unseen (to us) ascidian.



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Nembrotha chamberlaini from Bunaken, IndonesiaIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
Posted 8 years ago
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Nembrotha chamberlaini from Bunaken, Indonesia
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