Phyllidia babai

Brunckhorst, 1993

Phyllidia babai
Photographed by: Edward Blackshaw

Species:Phyllidia babai

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #23459
This is the single most significant photo of this phyllidiid I have ever seen. It shows conclusively that Phyllidia babai and Phyllidia willani are variations of a single species.

Comment from Nathalie Yonow on photo #12044
Probably, although I cannot see a pale yellow mantle margin.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #9790
A nice photo of a typical individual.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #8336
Phyllidia babai or Phyllidia willani. A juvenile individual.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #2228
A typical individual. This species is characterised by the translucent granular white dorsum, black rings with a central white simple pustule, and thin yellow band at the mantle margin. All these features are shown nicely in this photo.



Pictures of Phyllidia babai

Phyllidia babai from General Santos, PhilippinesIdentification reviewed by Terry Gosliner
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