Phyllidia monacha

Yonow, 1986

Phyllidia monacha
Photographed by: Pornsak Noiphan

This small phyllidiid is characterised by 3, mid-dorsal, longitudinal ridges formed by tiny tubercles plus lots of small, simple tubercles on the flanks resembling those of Phyllidia coelestis. Colourwise the central area is orange and the crests of the ridges are white. On the flanks is a black line (either, simple and straight as in Indonesian specimens, or enlarged and wavy as in the animals from the Red Sea) outlined in white. These broad white halos/stripes are composed of large pigment granules resembling those of Phyllidia willani. The rhinophores are dark orange. This species is uncommon and it was previously only known from the Red Sea. There is a photo of a specimen from Flores in Debelius & Kuiter (page 270, middle of bottom row) -- Richard Willan

Species:Phyllidia monacha

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #5577
The identification was made by both Nathalie Yonow and Richard Willan, as experts.



Pictures of Phyllidia monacha

Phyllidia monacha from Lembeh, IndonesiaIdentification reviewed by Nathalie Yonow
Posted 9 years ago
Viewed 1059 times
Phyllidia monacha from Similan Islands, ThailandIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
Posted 8 years ago
Viewed 741 times
Phyllidia monacha from Pulau Seribu, IndonesiaIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
Posted 9 years ago
Viewed 1612 times
Phyllidia monacha from Timor-LesteIdentification reviewed by Nathalie Yonow
Location: Timor-Leste
Posted 6 years ago
Viewed 604 times
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