Placida dendritica

(Alder & Hancock, 1843)

Placida dendritica
Photographed by: Guido Zsilavecz

Species:Placida dendritica

Comment from Terry Gosliner on photo #3577
This has been identified as Placida dendritica, but is more like a distinct, endemic species. Needs more study.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #3575
The adult individuals are hardly visible in the middle of their spawn masses.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #2970
This species supposedly has a very wide distribution in most temperate seas around the world, a distribution that could have been aided by accidental transportation on ship’s hulls. The taxonomy of all these species needs careful reassessment.



Pictures of Placida dendritica

Placida dendritica from Victoria, AustraliaIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
Posted 9 years ago
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Placida dendritica from Victoria, Australia
Posted 8 years ago
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