Plocamopherus maculapodium

Valles & Gosliner, 2006

Plocamopherus maculapodium
Photographed by: Jeffrey de Guzman

Dr. Richard Willan: This species is named for the row of large dark spots on the side of the body next to the foot, however as this photo shows, not all individuals possess these spots.

Species:Plocamopherus maculapodium

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #6172
This dorid nudibranch is characterised by the three pairs of globe-bearing lateral appendages, and by the line of small white spots joining the lateral proceses and forming a ring behind the gills (nicely shown in this photo). Plocamopherus maculapodium was previously only known from Zanzibar and Papua New Guinea, so this photo represents a new locality record for the Philippines.



Pictures of Plocamopherus maculapodium

Plocamopherus maculapodium from Piti Channel, GuamIdentification reviewed by Dave Behrens
Posted 8 years ago
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Plocamopherus maculapodium from Piti Channel, Guam
Posted 7 years ago
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