Prostheceraeus sp.

This is not nudibranch or sea slug

Prostheceraeus sp.
Photographed by: Lea Moser

Species:Prostheceraeus sp.

Comment from Marian Litvaitis on photo #2234
Belongs to the genus Prostheceraeus. Although it looks very similar to Prostheceraeus bellostriatus, it probably is a new species.

Prostheceraeus bellostriatus has a characteristic orange marginal band and a median orange line which is missing in your specimen. Prostheceraeus belong to the polyclad family Euryleptidae.



Pictures of Prostheceraeus sp.

Prostheceraeus sp. from Karimunjawa, Indonesia
Posted 8 years ago
Viewed 832 times
Prostheceraeus sp. from Coron, Philippines
Posted 7 years ago
Viewed 1027 times
Prostheceraeus sp. from PNG
Location: PNG
Posted 7 years ago
Viewed 1305 times
Prostheceraeus sp. from Lembeh, Indonesia
Posted 7 years ago
Viewed 1069 times
Prostheceraeus sp. from Bali, Indonesia
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Posted 7 years ago
Viewed 940 times
Prostheceraeus sp. from Rinca Island, Indonesia
Posted 7 years ago
Viewed 997 times
Prostheceraeus sp. from Triton Bay, Indonesia
Posted 5 years ago
Viewed 835 times
Prostheceraeus sp. from Tarifa, Spain
Location: Tarifa, Spain
Posted 4 years ago
Viewed 1229 times
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