Reticulidia halgerda

Brunckhorst & Burn, 1990

Reticulidia halgerda
Photographed by: Indra Swari

Species:Reticulidia halgerda

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #24670
The small white markings in the black depressions are probably epizoic acoel flatworms.

Comment from Gary McDonald on photo #50
This one I believe is correct, it is a pretty distinctive species.



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Reticulidia halgerda from Lombok, IndonesiaIdentification reviewed by Nathalie Yonow
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Similar Species

Reticulidia fungia apparently does not attain the size of Reticulidia halgerda. Reticulidia fungia is separable from Reticulidia halgerda by having: broad based ridges which are fewer in number, the bases being finely bordered in white; a broad blue-grey mantle margin (narrow and orange in Reticulidia halgerda); paler coloration ventrally, a black line around the side of the foot just above the gills; and rhinophores with 14-18 lamellae on the clavus (24-28 in Reticulidia halgerda).

Reticulidia fungia from Banda Islands, Indonesia
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