Risbecia godeffroyana

(Bergh, 1877)

Risbecia godeffroyana
Photographed by: Jeffrey Davies

Species:Risbecia godeffroyana

Comment from Scott Johnson on photo #25799
This species and Risbecia imperialis still need some sorting out.



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Risbecia godeffroyana from Kavieng, PNG
Location: Kavieng, PNG
Posted 5 years ago
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Author: Richard Willan

I would have identified this nudibranch as Risbecia godeffroyana too if I didn’t know where it was from. But because it comes from Hawaii and because nobody has studied the comparative anatomy of that species and compared it with specimens from the western Pacific Ocean (presently called Risbecia godeffroyana) and hence concluded they are separate or different species, then we are obliged to call it Risbecia imperialis for now. In fact, if they are the same species, then it will have to take the name Risbecia imperialis anyway because imperialis was published in 1860 and Risbecia godeffroyana in 1877.

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