Stiliger smaragdinus

Baba, 1949

Stiliger smaragdinus
Photographed by: Graham Abbott

Species:Stiliger smaragdinus

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #901
This species of sap-sucker looks just like a piece of its green algal food, Caulerpa sp. – a marvellous example of camouflage. This picture doesn’t show the head, so you cannot see the black band like a ‘mask’ that runs over the eyes and is characteristic of this species.



Pictures of Stiliger smaragdinus

Stiliger smaragdinus from Milne Bay, PNGIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
Location: Milne Bay, PNG
Posted 10 years ago
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Stiliger smaragdinus from Halmahera, Indonesia
Posted 7 years ago
Viewed 1054 times
Stiliger smaragdinus from Victoria, Australia
Posted 7 years ago
Viewed 1057 times
Stiliger smaragdinus from Port Phillip Bay, Australia
Posted 6 years ago
Viewed 473 times
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