Tambja gabrielae

Pola, Cervera & Gosliner, 2005

Tambja gabrielae
Photographed by: Linda Sonia Zitti

Species:Tambja gabrielae

Comment from Marta Pola on photo #3796
Tambja gabrielae, is easy to distinguish by its black blackground and yellow spots on the body. Also, it always has the rhinophores, oral tentacles, the external side of the gills and the front of the head yellow.



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Tambja gabrielae from Similan Islands, ThailandIdentification reviewed by Terry Gosliner
Posted 8 years ago
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Similar Species

Author: Dr. Richard C. Willan

Roboastra luteolineata: Feeds voraciously on other nudibranchs; has very large oral tentacles; two pale stripes on the head between the rhinophores, neither of them expanded; no colour band around the rhinophoral sheath.

Tambja affinis or Tambja victoriae: Feeds on bryozoans; has relatively small oral tentacles; one pale stripe on the middle of the head between the rhinophores that is expanded; pale colour band around rhinophoral sheath.

Since they are so similarly coloured overall, perhaps some mimicry is going on.

The ways to separate Tambja affinis, Tambja victoriae and other Tambja species are set out nicely and clearly on Tambja affinis colour group in the Sea Slug Forum

Tambja cf. affinis from MyanmarIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
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Tambja olivaria from Malapascua, PhilippinesIdentification reviewed by Nathalie Yonow
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Tambja victoriae from Bali, IndonesiaIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
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