Tritoniopsis alba

(Baba, 1949)

Tritoniopsis alba
Photographed by: Jon Ellis

Species:Tritoniopsis alba

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #12
A juvenile individual.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #2724
This is Tritoniopsis alba.
Tritoniopsis elegans is endemic to the Red Sea.



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Tritoniopsis alba from Abrolhos Islands, Australia
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Author: Dr. Richard Willan

At the present time Tritoniopsis elegans is known from the Red Sea and eastern coast of Africa. It is closely related to Tritoniopsis alba from the tropical western Pacific Ocean. In fact, some people have speculated they may be the same species, in which case the name would have to be Tritoniopsis elegans because it is older. However, until a comparative anatomical study, possibly reinforced with molecular data, has been undertaken and published it is advisable to consider them as separate species.

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