Testimonials for Nudi Pixel

Dave Harasti (Australia)
I was introduced to Nudipixel about 12 months ago and I can easily say this is the best resource on the internet for nudibranchs that I have come across. It's incredibly simple to use and find different species and one of the best features is that it is so simple for users to upload their nudibranch images and have them included in the species pages. It's a great way to show off nudie images to the rest of the world! This is the only website that I use now to assist with any of my nudibranch identifications, such a great resource that offers so much! Congratulations to Erwin and the rest of the team for putting such a great website together.
9 years ago
Neville Coleman (Australia)
I think that the Nudi Pixel web site is an excellent project for keen underwater photographers and aquatic naturalists to post their discoveries and new images on. It allows divers and the world to share in the fantastic diversity of the World of Water and each new finding brings about a collective spirit to all participants. The added educational opportunities from having materials identified by authorities are ongoing, for unless we have a name as a reference point for a creature, we have no way of learning more about it, or separating one creature from another.

As a pioneer of aquatic visual identification systems I compliment everybody concerned, especially the Nudi Pixel host Erwin Kodiat, for I know only too well how much work and effort goes into the upkeep of such a project.

The Nudi Pixel web site has been a specific resource in the hunt for images for my newest book NUDIBRANCHS ENCYCLOPEDIA and a number of excellent images were sourced for this publication. This type of exposure gives all participants the opportunity to have their work published in authoritative field guides alongside some of the best aquatic photographers in the world.

Best wishes to all,
Neville Coleman
10 years ago
Helmut Debelius (Germany)
Dear Erwin, it was a pleasure for me to learn about NUDI PIXEL during the production of my new IKAN-volume NUDIBRANCHS OF THE WORLD. You provided lots of species which I did not know yet and gave us the connection to the photographers represented by NUDI PIXEL. Thanks again for this service
10 years ago
Johannes Prinsloo (Taiwan)
Nudi Pixel is without a doubt the best website regarding the identification of nudibranchs! As an amateur photographer with limited knowledge of the subject matter, I find the search options easy and understandable. The information regarding geographical location is priceless as it saves time with a search. To see one's own pictures posted on your site is very rewarding and it acts both as a personal database and as encouragement to photograph more nudis! Thanks to the team...
7 years ago
Tan Pee Pheng
I find that Nudi Pixel is the best place for us to share our photo and improve our photo technique, beside we learn to know all kind of nudi around the world. Thank you for creating this website, you guys have done a great job.
8 years ago
Tatiana Antokhina (Moscow, Russia)
Thanks a lot for your remarkable site about fantastic nudibranchs! Many thanks for possibility of easy identification of animals and for comments of experts!
9 years ago
Jeff Chua de Guzman (Philippines)
In my opinion Nudi Pixel is currently the best site for identification and verification of Nudibranchs on the net. I've been a huge fan of Nudibranchs ever since I started underwater photography. But even with books and websites it was difficult to properly identify the critters I was shooting. That all changed when a friend told me about Nudi Pixel.

Thank you so much to the entire staff and renowned experts of Nudi Pixel. Now I know the names of my Nudibranchs from Anilao.
9 years ago
Graham Abbott (Bali)
You guys make the identification of my sea slugs so easy now! Eventually I think I may as well link my Sea Slug page directly to yours instead! Well done and keep it up!
9 years ago
Mike Krampf (Texas, USA)
I am a relatively new nudibranch enthusiast. As a newbie, my first challenge was finding an easy-to-use resource for identifying my pictures. This site has filled that void and is much easier to use than the multitude of ID books that I own. My favorite aspect of the site is the ability to submit unidentified pictures and get them quickly identified by an expert in the field. Thanks Erwin for creating a great website that we can all use to share information about these amazing critters.
10 years ago
Bob Abela (Guam)
For me, nudibranchs bring joy while making for a great study. So when a group is able to pool together and share in their love of these creatures, one can only expect good things. The Nudi Pixel team has done that. I like the expert identifications, and it's just great fun see what others are discovering.

The collection of images continues to grow and gets every day. I'd especially love to see more nudibranch from the temperate regions of the world. So I can only encourage everyone to keep up with their contributions and that more of you will join in. And I thank the Nudi Pixel team for the great job on keeping the site current. It's what keeps me coming back day after day.
10 years ago

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