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Annie Gatward (USA)
Hello Nudi Pixel people! Just wanted to tell you how much I love this site. I check it just about weekly for new shots and nudies. I've been able to identify a number of the little guys I've photographed by surfing your data base. I love it. anyways, you should think about adding a "rank this pic" option or something. some of the photos on here are really top notch and deserve to be recognized as such! Thanks for keeping the love of nudies alive!
10 years ago
Harry Blalock (Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands)
I'm a fairly newcomer to nudibranch appreciation, but I have come to have a true appreciation for them in the last 9 months. I find that when I find a nudibranch I haven't seen before, I have two options, to search through websites that may or may not have easy to navigate thumbnails of the nudibranchs, or I can go to Nudi Pixel and quickly see all the other nudibranchs that other divers have posted. I have been able to identify several of the nudibranchs that are new to me by using Nudi Pixel. I have found the quality of the pictures to be outstanding and have truly come to appreciate the service it provides.
10 years ago
Dave Morgan (United Kingdom)
My fascination with Nudibranch’s began few years ago while diving around Mabul Island, we had dived there on several occasions and on one particular trip I purchased a Nikon digital SLR camera.

I soon began to notice all the little creatures crawling over the coral, I had no idea what they were or what they were called. After one or two trips I had built up a small collection of these beautiful little creatures, I purchased several books that would help me identify them, although the books were extremely useful they were by their very nature very limited, there was no interaction. I had begun to show my Nudibranch photo’s on my newly developed website www.seatreker.com and was getting some good feedback. Each time I found a new Nudibranch I struggled to find its name or information about the species. Then I discovered a great website called Nudi Pixel and I was overwhelmed by the information that it contained. Not only was it full of useful information but it also encouraged participation from enthusiastic Nudibranch lovers. It allows the underwater photographer to upload their captured images and have them reviewed or correctly named by leading experts in this specialist field. The uploaded photos are stored online and can be accessed through the photographers name and viewed online with all the relevent information to hand. The layout of the site is especially good for amateurs like me, the identification heading on the site is extremely simple and easy to use.

You can search by genus or by species, by location or similarities, the text available alongside the photo’s is very informative and easy for the amateur to understand, this website goes a long way to demystify the technical and scientific names usually associated with a specialist field like this.

I have found it to be extremely useful and pleasurable to surf when just browsing the photo’s uploaded to the site by amateurs like me. It is indeed an excellent reference tool that allows much needed interaction.
10 years ago
Ronnie Ng & Peisee Hwang (Perhentian, Malaysia)
Nudi Pixel is a very good nudibranch reference library to us. We have introduced a lot of our divers to check out Nudi Pixel if they have any problem identifying the nudibranch they find during their dive, and encourage them to participate in posting interesting nudibranch photo to make the library better. Our dive crew learn a great deal about nudibranch from Nudi Pixel too, and the experts who work closely with the Nudi Pixel team has been the most helpful in providing information on some of the rare species we find in our area. We are very glad to have found Nudi Pixel where we can share out love of nudibranch with those who also share the passion, and meet others who also love nudibranch. There should be more web pages like this for other marine creature too, like crustacean and so on. Keep up the good job Erwin!
10 years ago
Lea Moser (Switzerland)
Nudi Pixel is the biggest and the best nudibranch data bank on the net. I've learned a lot about nudibranchs and am still learning through this great site.
You can see a lot of awesome and beautiful works of many talented photographer from all over the world.
Very informative and useful. Wish all the best!
10 years ago
Michael Henke (Germany)
The important thing for me is, that I can browse through the seaslugs species with pictures, because I am not a scientist. To see all pictures sorted by class, subclass, order, suborder or family makes it really fast and easy for me to identify a sea slug. Also the species similarity page helps a lot.
The next good points are the professional comments from the experts, like Dr. Richard C. Willan, on the pictures. From his comments, I learned a lot.
Overall, your site is clear, fast and very professional.
10 years ago

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